acapella vocal group



December 2015

During December we had 24 concerts altogether. We were in Slovakia and Hungary advent market as well church and culture houses. We would like to say for everyone, who helped us, especially for our Families! :-)

27.11.2015 Bartislava - Eurovea mall

11.12.2015 Senec My Cakes

11.12.2015 Sládkovičovo

12.12.2015 Senec - Hotel Senec

12.12.2015 Győr

27.12.2015 Veľký Biel


Peace march for life

Bratislava - CLIPTIME -Lots of enthusiastic young people… We had a chance to sing for smiling and energetic people in Bratislava. We are very appreciate for the event, it was a great experience, since we could add our music for this great event!


Wedding Ceremony of Lucka and Marek

Lucka and Marek proclaimed the happy yes, for which the For You could be the witness. Over the wedding ceremony we had a concert and the biggest surprise was that together with the fiancé the For You sang the My Way. We wish happy life to young couple.


Elisabeth Bridge festival Komarom - Komarno

We had a chance to sing over the last weekend of summer in Komárom. We had one hour concert front of lot of people, many friends, happy faces and frenetic feeling were present.


Birthday party (as a surprise)

For You got an invitation to the Birthday party, everyone was very happy with us, since we sang the Someone Like You the favorite of celebrated person.


Cristian Youth Meeting - Egerszalok

More than 500 Young people-hilarious mood- unmatched hospitality


Bratislava - McDonalds

For You and Peter Bazik were the guest of McDonalds Lamac, You can know Peter from X-Factor, since he won it :-), we had some songs together as well!


Bratislava- Gallery

Over this evening we had two actions, the first one was in the gallery, where Marian Bajus picture was exhibited.

Later on we went to the Prasna Baste restaurant, where next to the very delicious food we served music. We had more than one hour concert, we remember, since after the last song just started to rain immediately.


Brno - For Ever Living Product Company Event

This was our biggest company event in 2015 more that 800 people were there in the Brno arena, lot lights, cameras as well beautiful girls with us :-)