acapella vocal group

About us

The band has five members whose outstanding voices blend into an exceptional symphony.

Lantos Borbély Katalin - Katica

I’m really into music since childhood and singing on big stages was always my dream. I have studied opera singing and opereta at the Church Conservatory. Now I sing pop music, and I’m currently taking vocal lessons with my vocal coach Katarina Kuruczova.

In my private life I’m a mother and a wife. I love hiking, exploring castles in Slovakia but also abroad. Summer is my favourite season of the year, because me and my family loves warm weather and we can enjoy all the summer activities.

Nika Barľáková

I am a proud Slovak highland girl born at the foot of the Tatra Mountains :-)

I have studied acting for four years but switched to popular music after graduating from high schooI and I am now studying at the Church Conservatory.

My parents raised me to explore my musicality. Little by little, I developed a very strong affinity for music which has now become my profession thanks to ForYou a capella group.

Lucius Szikora

I’m the youngest member of For You Acapella group and I sing tenor.

I have studied design of media, but despite this, music and singing are also number one for me.

I love traveling and attending concerts of my favourite artists. Among other things I’m a big fan of vinyl records and I love collecting them.

Milan Masiarik

Acapella - I discovered this wonderful genre during my high school, and even though I studied conducting, acapella is the love of my life.

Apart from concerts and performing, I really love arranging, recoring and mixing in the studio.

In For You group I do the beatboxing, but sometimes I also sing tenor or do the trumpets.

I really love my family, good food, hiking and sports.

Andrej Mann

I sing bass in For You Acapella.

I worked with Tempus and Technik ensembles and I also was a member of the external ensemble of the Slovak National Theater (SND).

Sleeping is my favourite activity, but I also love taking photographs and dancing swing with my wife.