acapella vocal group

About us

The band has five members whose outstanding voices blend into an exceptional symphony.

Lantos Borbély Katalin - Katica

Hi, my name’s Katalin Lantos Borbély and I’m a woman :)

The mother of two kids so far – Viktória and Johanna. Happily married to my husband. :D

I sing whatever the band needs, though mostly soprano, yet I‘m an OWL in one kids’ song… hoot… :D

Apart from singing in the band, I love going on trips with my family, as well as hiking, cycling…

One of my best hobbies is driving and I hate staying at home…

Monika Ližbetin

Hi, I’m Monika,

they say I’m a perfect singer, vocalist and mom :)

I sing alto in For You and I take care of the overall looks of our group.

I enjoy taking a note of every little detail so if you really want to stay hip, you’ve come to the right person!

I’m also the lead singer of the band and I like to go down to the recording studio, where I’ve already participated in various home and foreign projects.

Jakub Podolský

Jakub has played the guitar since he was nine. He studied simultaneously at a conservatory and at a department of geographical sciences.

He has beatboxed since he was a little brat and has tried to reproduce the lively sounds of nature. Music brings him joy and the stage feels like home to him.

He loves travelling, tasting exotic food, swimming, hiking and above all learning new languages.

Andrej Mann

Andrej sings bass in For You.

He worked with Tempus and Technik ensembles and he’s a member of the external ensemble of the Slovak National Theater (SND).

Sleeping is his favourite activity, but he also takes photographs and dances swing with his wife.

Milan Masiarik

He graduated from the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava (conducting program). Besides music he also loves his family, good food, hiking and other sports :)

He sings tenor in For You and sometimes even alto or a trumpet part!